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​​​ NEXT Technology​

Designed to let you get things done on time, in time, every time.

Self Service Check In​​

Why not check-in before you arrive at the hotel or help yourself at the kiosks?

With your reservation number, you can choose to check-in online through our NEXT Hotels app and receive your room key on your mobile phone, even before you step into the hotel.

Or you can check-in at one of our kiosks in the reception area and get your room key in a few easy steps.

Self service check-in​​​​​​​​

Control your room

Control Your Stay​​


Download our NEXT Hotels app into your mobile phone to gain absolute power in your hands.

Use it to control the gadgets in your room – TV, lights, music system, air conditioning...

Enjoy the convenience of ordering room service, booking a meeting room, settling your bill, checking out and arranging for transfer, all at your fingertips!

Charge It​

At NEXT Hotels, feel free to go cashless.

Use our NEXT Hotels app to charge your meals and purchases by scanning the QR codes on your bill.

Charge it​​